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Call Me in the Morning

One Year Later...

Parking is always a nightmare at the hospital, so I’m just idling by the curb, keeping my eyes peeled for a traffic warden. Liam’s shift was over at least half an hour ago, but if I know him, he’ll be checking on one last patient, popping his head in the cubicle of a little old lady who has no one with her just to check she’s not too lonely. 

I do know him, I think with a goofy grin as joy spreads through me.

These past six months have been incredible beyond words. It was strange, at first. I’ve been so independent, so accustomed to getting on with everything on my own, that it took me some time to adjust. To be honest, it still is taking time, but Liam is so patient, and we’re so good at talking things through that even when I need a bit of space, it doesn’t cause problems. 

In fact, he usually falls asleep, giving me the couple of hours to read or potter about, and get the space I need to miss him again. All these years, I stuck to short-term flings, kicking men out with a thank you so much, have a lovely life as soon as they’d got their breath back, I think with a grin, and all the time, I could have been just dating an emergency doctor. Of course, my emergency doctor was busy being unhappily engaged for most of those years, and he was definitely worth waiting for.

I tap the horn and wave as I spot him coming out. He jogs over and hops in the passenger seat. I have to pull away immediately because I spot a police car, but he leans over and kisses me as soon as we stop at a red light. A bolt of lust shoots through me as he lightly brushes my breast.

‘If you’re not careful, I’m going to ravage you right here in traffic and everyone will just have to drive around us,’ I murmur with a gasp as he nibbles my earlobe.

‘Sounds like a good plan to me,’ he grins. He leans back in the passenger seat with a deep yawn as the lights turn green.

‘Have you got your suit?’ I ask.

He nods and gestures to the big bag he shoved in the backseat. His hair is damp from his shower, and he’s got on fresh sweatpants and a T-shirt. There is absolutely no way we will make it to the wedding venue without pulling over at least once. I glance over as traffic slows to a halt, and I see that he is thinking the same thing. His hand strays to my knee, and I nudge it away with a giggle because one car accident is enough for me, thank you very much. Although another few days lounging on the sofa being tended to by a very attentive physician would not be the end of the world.

His best friend Raj is getting married tomorrow in Cornwall, and then we’re going to stay on for a few days for a seaside holiday. We’ve got a little cottage booked that backs right onto a beach, and it’s going to be three days of sun, amazing food, and sex. And one more thing. 

Liam doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to propose.

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