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In need of an insta-hit of happy ever after?

London Love is exactly that: a series of bite-sized, sweet and steamy reads with guaranteed HEAs you can gobble up on your lunchbreak (or a bath, or a commute - just steal an hour for you and lose yourself in love)... 💖

Where new girls in town meet shy heroes, alpha males are surprised by age gap romances, enemies are trapped into fake dating and there's more mutual pining between soulmates than you can shake a stick at. Sweet and steamy, escapist fun (no cheating, no cliffhangers) Get ready to snuggle up and float away!
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I’m done with love. Or at least, I’m done waiting for love. I am taking my happiness into my own hands. I booked a one-way ticket to London and I’m ready for the adventure of a lifetime - the last thing I need is some grouchy Scotsman who acts infuriated by my very existence.


I can’t do this any more. I open my heart so often, hoping that this time, it might just be Her. But I have been hurt too many times and I am definitely not going to let myself fall for the stunning American. Even if I can’t take my eyes off her…

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