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30 Days of Fika Books: Fifteen

This is the first day I've opened up a post with no real idea of what I want to say. My wee brain is ready for the weekend!

It's been a fab week overall. I feel as though I've made some real strides in getting everything up to speed, and though I've not done a lot in terms of reaching out to new readers, I'm excited by the response so far from those of you who already knew me! All in all, it's not a bad start at all!

I'm also chuffed at getting into the swing of walking and dictating. I'm not going to say it's a done deal yet, but I feel more hopeful about my chances of actually making this my writing process from now on. I've been tempted a few times to just snuggle up and type, but I've been strict with myself... long may it last!

Looking to next week, my big task is to get through the rest of the Before Again redraft so that I can turn my attention fully to Days Gone Next! I've also got some final edits to do on my Storytel Original series, and of course get the next newsletter out. I've got an absolute belter of a Bookish Life for you, that I am really excited about posting!

Also it will be October, which officially means SCARY MOVIE SEASON! Every October, I watch a scary movie a night in the lead up to Halloween (if I'm home!) Not all full-on horror -- I'm not a big gore person, but supernatural creepy and thrillers. Some classics like The Shining and Halloween (all of them!) are a must, but I'm always on the lookout for tips... hit me up in the comments!

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