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30 Days of Fika Books: Fourteen


I woke up this morning all set to to the final polishes and prep on the first chapters of Chances Are and Death Us Do ready to release them tomorrow with the newsletter.

And I was hit by a blinding gut feeling that I should serialise the next book in the Alone in the Dark series instead of the Amy prequel.

Now I'm in a flap running around talking myself in and out of it!

In the pro column, there's the fact that people have read Alone in the Dark and have been asking for it. I'm DYING to get on with it myself. And perhaps most importantly, though it's a fresh story, it is part of the core series, the flagship Dark of Night world. Somehow it suddenly feels obvious that's what should be in the newsletter?!

The other thing is of course, is the fact that most of my readers know the pretty major spoiler of the Amy series (which doesn't ruin it, it's just a fun dramatic irony until it's revealed), but new readers will be discovering it fresh. Eventually I hope to open up the forums so we can chat about the week's chapter, but that's not going to work unless everyone is on the same page (literally!!) Suddenly it's making sense to me to release the first Amy book (maybe two), and then perhaps bring it into the newsletter for season two or three.

The only really con is that I know one of my worst habits is chopping and changing my mind, so I'm hesitating about allowing myself to do so! One SOLID GOLD promise I'm making with the newsletter is that ANY story started in it will be completed in it too. But I haven't started Death Us Do yet...

So that's what I am flapping about this morning! I think I'm going to put it out to my social media and see if a vote helps me decide...

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