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The Shadow City Season One

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A trip home turned into a historical nightmare. When a portal unleashes a paranormal threat, can one woman put an end to the killings?

Kirsty McIvar deliberately chose to spend her life as a a lone wolf. But after leaving her dreaded hometown behind, she reluctantly returns ten years later to attend her beloved grandmother’s funeral. And when she rushes to rescue a man being burned alive, she’s dismayed to find that she’s torn open the fabric of time… and set loose an ancient killer.

Fighting to avenge her gran’s apparent murder amidst an out-of-control timeline, Kirsty joins her not-so-deceased great-grandfather and a recently resurrected Viking to stop the culprit’s rampage. And despite her blossoming feelings for the young warrior of yesteryear, the fierce woman is determined to destroy the immortal magic wreaking havoc in the Scottish port.

Can Kirsty and her rag-tag crew kick evil back into history where it bloody well belongs?

Before Again will be released on Wednesday 30 November

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Season Two: Days Gone Next will then begin serialising right here on Friday 2 December!

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