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The Bookish Life of Kate Jones

Who are you, how do you know Claire and why does she think you’re cool?

I am Head of Content at I am lucky enough to have worked with Claire on her brilliant series 'The Stranger'. Claire has written this modern day thriller (with a paranormal twist) as an audio story, exclusively for Storytel. The series follows the lives of a British family who relocate to Stockholm and find themselves drawn in to a labyrinth of lies, corruption and otherwordly influence... It is a joy to work with Claire; her skill and energy make it a very positive experience from start to finish!

What was the first book you remember? (Either reading or being read to you)

I can still recall my excitement each time I finished one of the 'learn to read' books I was given at Primary School (I won't list the titles as it will immediately reveal my age....!) One of the first books I remember returning to again and again was The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. I grew up in the countryside and spent a lot of my time in fields or by the river or simply lolling in the branches of big trees just reading, reading, reading.

What are you reading right now?

Bill Bryson's 'Mother Tongue: The Story of the English Language'. As I collaborate with writers and producers from all over the world, a friend of mine gave me the book after a recent discussion about how humbling it is to work with such wonderfully creative people, all conversing in English.

Plan a dinner party with six fictional guests

As the world is currently so full of turmoil, my dinner party would be filled with childhood friends to reminisce about happy, carefree times: Ratty, Mole, Mr Toad, Moonface, Scarecrow & Cowardly Lion.

If you had to live in the world of one book (or series), which would it be?

For the same reason as the last question: Wind in the Willows - no hesitation!

You can read/reread three books for the rest of your life. What’s going on the list?

The Complete Works of Charles Dickens

The Complete works of Thomas Hardy

The Complete works of George Orwell

Note from Claire: I think the complete works are cheating BUT as Kate said such lovely things about The Stranger, I'll let her away with it!!

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