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The Bookish Life of Sharon Bairden

Who are you, how do you know Claire and why does she think you’re cool?

I’m Sharon Bairden, author of Sins of the Father and You Need Me, dark psychological thrillers. I also blog about crime fiction and psychological thrillers over at ChapterinmyLife. I kind of just came across Claire at bookish events and was bowled over by her enthusiasm and passion for books, writing and supporting other bookish type people! I’ve got no idea why Claire, or anyone else would think I was cool, haha, I think I’m the least uncool person I know! I live just outside of Glasgow and I love crime fiction and especially Scottish crime. I love going along to Book Festivals, book launches and all things bookish! If you want to find my I’m over on Twitter @sbairden; on Facebook at Instagram and TikTok as Sharon Bairden Author. My blog can be found over at Loads of places to find me!

What was the first book you remember? (Either reading or being read to you)

Probably the first book I remember properly is the Janet and John books from primary school! But the first proper book I remember reading is Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree.

What are you reading right now?

The Hike by Susi Holliday, it’s brilliant!

Plan a dinner party with six fictional guests

I’d hire Stirling Castle for the weekend along with a private chef. I would invite Rhona MacLeod (Forensic Scientist) from Lin Anderson’s Rhona MacLeod series; Davie McCall, (Glasgow hard man) from Douglas Skelton’s earlier books; Shona McGilveray from SE Lynes, Valentina; Tilly Bradshaw (Civilian Analyst) from MW Craven’s Washington Poe series, Scott King (Podcaster) from Matt Wesolowski’s Six Story series and DI Kim Stone from Angie Marsons’ books. I think together they would make for a fascinating conversation with some sparks along the way and Scott King could broadcast it!

If you had to live in the world of one book (or series), which would it be?

Lin Anderson’s Rhona MacLeod series, I would love to be a part of the team and travel Scotland with them plus DI McNab might just fall in love with me!

You can read/reread three books for the rest of your life. What’s going on the list?

Valentina by SE Lynes

When I was Ten by Fiona Cummins

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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