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The Fika Books Newsletter comes out every Friday. In it, you'll find your weekly chapters, recommended reads, exclusive deals and all manner of book chat!

All subscribers get a free Fika Book of their choice, plus access to pre-release copies, exclusive content and book club chats.

We have two series running right now, and a third launching in November.

Chances Are is a women's fiction with a side of contemporary romance.

Having spent their twenties repeatedly completing Tinder, Ali, Morven and Fern have nothing but a string of horror stories to show for it. They are pretty sure the whole thing is a scam, and they’re over it. They’ve got much better things to be getting on with.

Ali is setting off around the world on the solo trip of a lifetime.

Fern is starting a family with a turkey baster off the internet.

And after years of fighting to get anywhere in the film industry, Morven can’t believe she is finally just about to direct her own movie.

The last thing any of them need is to bloody well fall in love.

But life never works quite like that, does it...?

If you were torn between your dream man and your dreams coming true… which do you take a chance on for happy ever after?

By My Side is a crime thriller. It is self contained, but part of the Glasgow Kiss universe and the follow up to Alone in the Dark.

It's just a date.

Perfectly normal human behaviour.

People do it all the time.

Even people with Isla's past.

But when Isla recognises her date as the serial killer who attacked her over a year ago, she is thrown headlong into a race against time to prove that he is who she says he is...

Before he strikes again.

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