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This may be the worst day of her life...


Maeve learned the hard way that happy ever after isn’t for her, so when the bouquet comes flying at her head, the only thing to do is duck.


Accidentally stand on it, causing the bride to burst in to tears...


Then swiftly escape the wedding.


But when she arives the station, she’s just in time to see the last train to Glasgow disappearing into the distance. And she left her shoes in the taxi. Oh, and there’s no mobile service.


Just as she is on the verge of panic, footsteps come thundering over the footbridge and Maeve's life will never be the same again…


If you like the Hollywood insider edge of Jackie Collins and the heart of Marian Keyes, you will love Chances Are, the explosive feminist women’s fiction short reads series everyone is talking about!

A Man After Midnight

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