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What if the person you can’t trust is yourself?


Caitlin has no choice but to accept the lift. Her car skidded off a remote Highland road and it’s going nowhere in a hurry. There’s no mobile reception, no visible signs of life, and snow is falling faster by the minute.

When the lorry driver offers to take her to the nearest village, it’s against every instinct every woman alive has drilled into her from birth.


Die from exposure or risk becoming yet another statistic?


But when the lorry driver is found murdered the next morning, secrets from Caitlin’s past come back to haunt her. Only two people know what happened that night, and one of them didn’t live to tell the tale…


Former DCI Cara Boyle, escaping her own problems in the sleepy fishing village, is the only person Caitlin can turn to for help. But as Alec McAvoy’s trial gets underway in Glasgow, can Cara trust her own gut any more?

Don’t miss this thrilling follow up to the bestselling Dark of Night series!

Alone in the Dark

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