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Ruari MacCallan was on his way to confess love to best friend Lorna. But her killer got there first.


He’s been thrown out of the police, his ex is moving on with her life. He has nothing left. Except for a glimpse of Lorna’s killer.


And hallucinatory flashbacks from a bad trip in his teenage years that mean he can’t always trust his own eyes.


And the increasing sense that while he’s after the killer, someone is after him


He’s right.


Dark of Night is a fast paced, twisty thriller, heavily laced with black Glasgow humour — Taggart meets Fargo — in which no one is quite who they seem and guilty is in the eye of the beholder.

Dark of Night - the FULL series

  • Books from Dusk Till Dawn

    Set in Glasgow this is pure Scottish gold. The descriptions of the area sound very authentic to the point I think I could do a tour of the City and Campsies just from my knowledge from the book. Then the characters have that natural interaction that just brings them to life with a raw quick-witted humour.


    Chapter in My Life Blog

    Well, I think Glasgow has just found itself a fresh new name in crime fiction! CS Duffy has produced an excellent debut in the first episode of the “Dark of Night” series!...


    Portobello Book Blog

    Well, this was only going to be a review of Episode One of Dark of Night until I reached the end and absolutely HAD to read Episode Two straight afterwards! I found both books to be totally gripping and raced my way through them over a long weekend…


    Book Worldliness Book Blog

    The book is fast paced and the readers are hooked since the beginning. This is the story of a man’s obsession to find a serial killer. The story has so many twists and turns that readers won’t be able to catch their breath…


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