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If you want something done, do it yourself…


The Shadow City series means everything to Maeve, and nobody else seems to understand - not even Eden who has capitulated to the studio and accepted that posh English actress Poppy Knights will be playing Glaswegian Kirsty.


But Maeve won’t go down without a fight.


Which is how she finds herself up a tree outside Poppy Knights’ West End mansion  the day before the table read. If she could just talk to Poppy, she’ll make her see sense and pull out of the production, she is sure of it. The fact Poppy refuses to buzz her in is a mere setback.


Until Poppy comes running from the house in a blind panic.


Straight into the path of a speeding car,


Maeve holds Poppy’s hand as the ambulance approaches, but as Poppy’s eyes begin to close all Maeve can think...


...Is that Poppy won’t be playing Kirsty now.


Did somebody plan it that way?


If you like the Hollywood insider edge of Jackie Collins and the heart of Marian Keyes, you will love Chances Are, the explosive feminist women’s fiction short reads series everyone is talking about!

One More Look

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