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Behind Blue Eyes

The perfect life.

The only problem is the dead body on the beach.

Investigative reporter Ellie has just given up her life in London to be with the man of her dreams in Sweden when she stumbles across a half decomposed skeleton on Midsummer’s eve.

She’s flung into a murder investigation in a country where she doesn’t speak the language and doesn’t know a soul.

Except Johan.

The love of her life.

Who she is beginning to suspect knows a lot more about the body than he is admitting.

Is he the perfect man, or has Ellie uncovered the perfect crime?

A psychological suspense thriller with a twist of Scandi noir - perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Broken Mirrors

The vigilante mob gathers. 

But are they targeting the right woman?

Investigative reporter Ellie James is picking up the pieces of her relationship with Johan after she revealed that one of his best friends was a serial killer, when bodies start showing up around Stockholm. Frozen solid, posed standing like statues, the police are baffled.

A woman is accused of the murders and Ellie must unravel the real mystery below the surface before someone she loves is lost for good.


All the Stars Above

Peace at last.
But she is waiting.

Ellie and Johan have moved out to a sleepy village in Stockholm’s archipelago so that Johan can recuperate and they can finally be alone together.

But they are never alone.

Because waiting in the shadows is someone who won’t rest until Ellie pays.

Can Ellie lay her demons to rest before everything she loves is destroyed?

The Stockholm Murders Full Series


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