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I'm a 40-something independent author and I do everything my way. Sometimes that works out for me. Other times...

Welcome! I'm Claire

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The Way-Too-Honest-Diary of a 40-Something Author With No F*cks Left

I don't just dance to the beat of my own drum, I make my own drum too. I've worked every day-job under the sun and spent over two decades in the film industry, mostly falling out with producers (and suing a couple!). I realised it wasn't for me when I caught myself cycling past a production company giving it the finger.

I have a LOT of opinions on how creatives - especially non-white, non-men - are treated, and I know I can find a better way. I have my own publishing company, a store to sell direct, and a lot of stories to tell.

Will I go broke, sue myself or make it happen? All equally possible. Follow along to find out...

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Chances Are

A Glasgow love story.

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‘...The writer of Frankenstein. She invented the sci-fi genre and screwed the poet Percy Shelley on her mother's grave. Before they were married, too.'

Fraser whistled. 'G'on yersel', hen. I'll try and pump ye on my mum if you like, but she's still alive so she might have something to say aboot it.'

What readers are saying...

“Came across this book quite by chance. I’m so glad I did. The author manages to grip you straight away and builds the tension throughout. Great characters, good Glasgow patter and a serial killer on the loose. I have already downloaded the next two books. Whatever you do read this. It would make great television.”
Claire Duffy, Fikabooks, Glasgow

About me...



I was a screenwriter for over a decade until it made me so bitter that I caught myself cycling past a production company giving it the finger and decided I didn’t like the person the film industry was turning me into. I quit, went to work at a preschool in Stockholm and accidentally wrote my first novel during my class of one-year-old’s naptime.




To have coffee and cake alone or with a friend, but more than that, it’s a state of mind. It’s about taking a pause from the bustle and bustle of your day to just enjoy yourself.

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